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Mesh welding plants from pre-cut lengths

The MRSA Series is designed for the production of electro-welded mesh starting from cold-drawn or hot-rolled straight lengths. High productivity, reliability and structural robustness allow these plants to consistently and flexibly support the productions of standard mesh in medium and high weight from small to medium volume (when production requires various diameters and panel configurations). A wide range of modules enables the system to be started from a basic configuration up to full automation, thus completely eliminating the operator’s manual working.

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Coil / Rebar

CP mesh pitch
100 +

Longitudinal wires (LW)
Ø 4 - Ø 16 mm
# 2 - # 5

Cross wires (CW)
Ø 4 - Ø 12 mm
# 2 - # 4

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